"Environmental Industries has provided me with nothing but the best quality in service and products. I will be a customer for years to come and continue to recommend their service to coworkers and friends.”"
-Shawn Rutter (Purchasing Agent)


It really started with a realization that there aren't many green companies out here that are stamped with the three most important things:

Quality in product
Purposed Customer Service
Solid Service Agreement

We saw some with great customer service, but lacking in quality, or products that are okay but the customer service needs serious improvements. What would it be like if there was a company out there stamped with all three, because truly this is what makes a successful business. We know there's a lot of options out there, with companies that'll do anything for business, which can end up just confusing and frustrating the process. Our owners who were Maintenance Supervisors for years before starting this company, hand tailored the ordering process so that they themselves would enjoy it. This type of attention to detail, not to mention products that are strong yet safe, and an unmatched service agreement is the winning combo! It really is exciting and something to feel great about. This is what the foundation of Environmental was built on, so needless to say, were not going anywhere! We'll continue to maintain a top position in this industry! Striving for excellence while making Green the only choice. Help us get there, by considering your future with every purchase. Choose Environmental, and invest in your environment!

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